Advanced Networking



Local Area Network – LAN

Our  Local Area Networks solution for You would be based on solid design theory and principles and consider for the balance of availability, security, flexibility, and manageability required to meet current and future advanced and emerging technology needs and would help Your organization for Improved service delivery.

Wireless LAN – WLAN

With the explosion in mobile devices over the last few years,many workers are bringing their own devices into the office. It is vital these employees have access to the corporate network to get the most out of them, and that means giving them wireless access. As well as being able to use their own devices, wireless infrastructure means freedom to move around the office, from desk to desk or meeting room to meeting room. It is also easier to provide connectivity in areas that are difficult to lay cable.  Installation is quick and easy, and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls / ceilingand wall / ceiling and access to the network can be from anywhere within WIFI range.Our Wireless Local Area Network solution enable Your Corporate users to move around within a larger coverage area, but still be wirelessly connected to the network.

We would help You on providing the best WLAN Solution.

Wide Area Network – WAN

Our Wide Area Network/WAN solution would be based on best of breed Vendor products and solutions ,which lets You reliably connect and securely access resources to offices found in different geographical areas.

                             Network Security

Today’s Enterprise Networks are becoming increasingly complicated as technology evolves and users require faster, always-available connectivity anytime, from any place. As threats rapidly increase in volume and sophistication, it gets more difficult to protect your system and applications. Effective security is key for every organizations and businesses.

Sprinter technologies will help You to deliver the best all in one cost effective and high performance security solutions by delivering top-rated protection while simplifying your network infrastructure.